St. Fleur Communications

Engage. Educate. Evolve.

Building Bridges to Success

St. Fleur Communications is a strategic communications firm specializing in community engagement and grassroots outreach. We use the tools of communication, advocacy, policy development and analysis to get results.

Based in Boston, MA and serving clients across the country, St. Fleur Communications works with organizations, public and private to help close the income gap by assisting higher education, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, trade associations to develop educational opportunities for non-traditional students; develop workforce development programs and strategic partnerships.

Led by Marie St. Fleur, Esq., the first Haitian-American elected to state office in the United States, our consulting firm brings over 30 years of leadership to the fields of early education, workforce development, public policy, criminal justice and human rights.

We are motivated to engage individuals and organizations to look at challenges through fresh eyes and find new opportunities to create success.

We use our passion for advocacy in education to improve the lives for children from birth to 8 who represent 100% of our future skilled workforce, support women who represent 50% of the American workforce, and small business which represent 98% of all employers in the United States – build their bridge to success.